Monday, January 19, 2009

Street Racers Kill Innocent People

This was Not an Accident

Dorothy Anne Walter was killed on Sunday March 5, 2006. This was Not an Accident, it was 100 percent avoidable. The 26 year old man who killed Dorothy Anne Walter was street racing at over 100 miles an hour on a city street in Bakersfield, California. Daniel "Danny" Espinoza a man from Ventura, California was living in Bakersfield, California at the time when he killed Dorothy Anne Walter.

This man Daniel “Danny" Espinoza has never shown any remorse for taking the Life of Dorothy Anne Walter. He has never taken any responsible for what he did, killing an innocent person. Every time he was in court over the past 2 ½ years with his family and friends by his side, they would all express anger, and give hateful glares at the victims’ family. It got so bad that the bailiff asked the victims family, if they needed a police escort out of the court house, because of the behavior of the killers family and friends. These are not people with any remorse for the killing of an innocent person, or with any regard for what the victims’ family is going through.
Daniel Espinoza and his family have nothing but contempt for the victim [Dorothy Anne Walter] and her family (in court documents).

Daniel "Danny" Espinoza's Gross negligence took the LIFE of an Innocent Person, Dorothy Anne Walter.

When Danny Espinoza took off at the light, racing with the other two cars at Buena Vista Road with his head lights turned off in the dark, [I have learned that street racers turn off their lights at night for an extra thrill] his radio blaring, speeding at 100 miles an hour on a city street he was breaking the law. His car hurling head-on into Dorothy Walter's car traveling in the opposite direction at 43 miles an hour. This time, his Car became his weapon, a 3,500 pound weapon. Daniel Espinoza used that weapon to Kill Dorothy Anne Walter.
This was the 4th time Daniel “Danny” Espinoza was caught excessive speeding and driving uninsured.

Daniel “Danny” Espinoza could have been sentenced up to six years in prison by law for killing an innocent person with gross negligence. But instead of going to prison where he belongs, the killer goes home a free man, with probation as his so called "punishment".

It is sad to think that the maximum punishment for killing an innocent person while street racing or speeding at over 100 miles an hour is only six years in prison and it is unconscionable to think that the punishment can be nothing at all.
The Kern County Judge Michael Lewis gave the killer Daniel "Danny" Espinoza probation for killing an innocent person.

His message was loud and clear to everyone: An Innocent Persons’ LIFE has NO VALUE in Kern County.

Daniel 'Danny' Espinoza got away with murder.

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